Shooting at Ashbourne

Clay pigeon shooting is one of the UK's fastest growing sports and at Ashbourne the opportunity exists to experience this "very habit forming" pastime. The clay shooting stands and automatic traps are set up to allow both the experienced and novice shooters a true test of simulated game shooting.


Besides the usual forms of simulated birds such as driven grouse, crow etc this can be amended to include dropping duck, springing teal and quartering birds dependant upon ability... we want everyone to break clays so adapt the set up as needed. A fast rolling rabbit is included and this gives guests an amusing break from looking "skywards"!


Both 12 bore and 20 bore shot guns and cartridges are provided and we use nice low recoil cartridges which "do the job" of smashing the clays but are more gentle on the shoulder... although in general, most people when they learn to shoot only complain of the recoil due to the fact that they are shouldering the gun incorrectly. We make sure all novice shots are given the correct advice on how to hold the gun properly.

shooting_main image