Mc Dougal

In addition to the full summer entertainment days, the McDougal Challenge was introduced in 2006 and takes place in the game shooting season (1st October to the end of January)


The idea of the McDougal Challenge is to provide a fun opportunity for those who are interested in shooting and (to a lesser extent) fishing to test their skills in both disciplines. To achieve a McDougal one has to bag a cock pheasant in the morning, tie a pheasant tailed nymph fly (with instruction!) over lunch from the tail feathers and then catch a trout on your fly in the afternoon. Definitely no previous fly tying skills required!


The day is for your own party of 5 or 6 people but individuals will be "paired" up if possible. The purpose is to have a relaxed and amusing day out in the country, and those who are skilful enough to achieve a McDougal will each receive a memento as well as a bottle of champagne, and will join the ranks of becoming an Ashbourne McDougaler.

mcdougal_main image

Program of Events

  • Coffee, bacon rolls and briefing at around 09.00
  • A walked up and mini drive shoot which will commence after the briefing [approx 09.30] with two or three beaters with dogs.
  • Champagne and smoked salmon before lunch, being casseroles, pudding etc with wine.
  • After lunch participants will be given a demonstration of Fly Tying and the opportunity to tie flies for use in the afternoon.
  • Fishing will commence around 14.00
  • Tea will be served in the Fishing Lodge around 16:15 before departure.

Dress etc

  • Country wear according to the weather forecast. Warm jacket and boots.
  • Loan of guns can be made with prior request unless you wish to use your own and you do not need to bring a fly rod, unless you wish to.
  • Cartridges, all fly tying material and equipment as well as pre lunch drinks, lunch (with wine) and afternoon tea and trophies (if appropriate!) are all included.
  • Present cost £220 per head (plus VAT) all inclusive.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Game shooting experience required.